Who We Are..

Tactical Concealment is a Limited Liability Corporation based in Tempe, Arizona U.S.A. Operating at the capacity of a defense manufacturer the company designs, produces, and delivers specialized sniper apparel, camouflage/concealment oriented products, and specialty tactical nylon products to the U.S. military, all levels of U.S. law enforcement and to those of patriot nations worldwide.

Tactical Concealment produces base foundation sniper apparel and gear for which the end user will add their camouflage onto based on the requirements of their operating environment. founded by Michael Stanchik in 1999 the company remains very specialized in its product offering and has evolved from an 'out of the garage' operation.

Tactical Concealment's clients are made up of (and not limited to) basic to advanced military and law enforcement personnel who operate percision equipment and weaponry, and utilize Tactical Concealments products in conjunction with to achieve a particular goal. This goal is enabled by the companies offering of superior designed and field proven products constructed from specialized materials.

The company employ's less than 20 personnel all skilled in areas the company requires indepth competency. This includes sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, production, assembly, and shipping and receiving. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and is able to meet volume production of any of its products. Tactical Concealment is an equal opportunity employer and complies with Department of Homeland Security requirements of screening all employees using E-Verify services.